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Monday, 3 January 2005
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Somewhere In Between
I had hoped to have my website all updated and to have added some new pictures on Saturday night but I ended up getting a call from my ex ex and needed to go and see her. It's odd but since I came out to her, it's like a wall between us has disolved and we're much closer again. So I ended up going to see her Saturday night at 10:00 pm and didn't get home until 7:00 am on Sunday. I'll try to catch up this week and do the updates I had planned along with wading through some more of your emails. Plus, I'm adjusting my links page a little so I'll keep you informed.

The day after Christmas (back when I was still visiting in Colorado), Jayne and I decided to go to the clubs in Denver for a change of pace. We drove around Denver for a while just seeing the city and having a great time chatting it up. Eventually we settled on going to a place called The Church which was actually pretty busy for being the day after Christmas and on a Sunday night. We got there around 10:00 pm or so, showed our IDs and then wandered around the upper dance floor for a bit since there was no cover there. The music was ok (remixed pop stuff) and there were plenty of people but it wasn't super exciting. I grabbed a drink and Jayne mingled a bit but we ended up deciding to check out the lower dance floor which had a $5 cover. Well when we got downstairs and while we were paying the cover I realized that it was completely goth that night. Now Jayne was dressed mostly in black and so fit in but of course I was wearing a little sky blue halter top, a pair of light blue jeans and my skechers. So yeah people were giving me odd looks before we even got inside. Now downstairs there are two main dance floors, one with a larger bar and the other with a small bar at one end and a larger dance floor. It also turns out that there are tons of black lights downstairs which does nothing to black clothing but of course with what I was wearing I completely glowed in the dark, lol. Head to toe, even my shoelaces glowed and as if I'm not self-conscious enough. Plus, I was one of like 3 people out of maybe 100-150 not dressed all in black. Hard to not be self-conscious in a place like that.

We wandered around just a little and Jayne decided she was going to mingle and dance a bit. I decided I was going to make myself feel better and get drunk a bit so I grabbed something at the bar and downed it quickly and then got back in line to get something else (to calm my nerves of course :-P). While I was waiting in line someone tapped me on the shoulder so I turned around expecting to be told, "You don't belong here" or some such thing but the girl behind me was like, "Hun, your tag is sticking out, do you want me to tuck it back in for you?" and then, "You've never been here before have you?" Lol. You think? Is it obvious? She was so nice though and we chatted for a minute before the bartender got my drink. So I was feeling a bit better and found a little padded bench out of the way in a corner where I could sit down and not stand out so much. I had only been sitting a minute or so when a really cute guy and girl came over and plopped down next to me and introduced themselves. They also asked, "Is this the first time you've been here?" which became the story of the night. Wow, people actually being friendly to me and what's more without any work on my part, lol. They were both really nice (names omitted for their privacy) and we chatted for a bit and then they told me about an after party that would be going on and said that I was more than welcome to come if I wanted.

I pretty much considered the night a success at that point, just having gotten some positive responses from a few people and not getting "clocked" as far as I could tell. I finished my drink and caught up with Jayne for a bit and then went to get another while she sat and chatted with some random guy. While I was in line a cute boy cut across in front of me and said something I couldn't hear so (feeling a bit tipsy at this point) I leaned in, put my hand on his arm and asked him to repeat himself. I think I surprised him a bit but he said, "Oh I'm sorry, I was just saying excuse me, by the way my name is K****" He ended up stopping and chatting with me while I waited for the bartender then took his leave while they were getting my drink. I went and sat down on the same bench and after a few minutes a guy in his late 20s or early 30s sat down next to me and said hi. We talked for a bit and when I finished my drink he offered to buy me another one but I wasn't into him so I thanked him but declined.

I caught back up with Jayne as it was getting a bit later on in the night (and clubs are only open until 2:00 am there, WNY spoils me), and then somehow I ended up back at the bar again. I ordered one more drink and then moved to the side and found an empty spot where I could stand and just watch the dance floor. Well, I had only been there for a little bit when who should show back up but K* from earlier. We ended up chatting for a bit and then he offered to buy me another drink (bad idea because I was already buzzing plenty) and got me one from the bar (very bad idea because he brought it to me instead of getting it myself from the bartender which is really dangerous for girls in clubs with strange boys). He bought me another drink or two while we chatted and eventually he leaned over...and...kissed me :-P So yeah. It was kind of nice so I kissed him back. We found a seat at the bottom of a closed off set of stairs and chatted for a while longer and kissing here and there sort of led to...well...he kind of...er...stole second.

All fun must end and suddenly it was 2:00 am and everything was closing down. I was more than a little tipsy at that point and gave Jayne quite a headache by leaving her sweathshirt and cellphone in the club while we were trying to get out. Plus, later on I was more than a pain in her a**. K* helped Jayne get me to her car and we kissed a bit more (tell me if this is too much information to be including in my blog) and then finally Jayne grabbed me by the belt and pulled me into the car. I said something to the effect of, "I just got pulled in by my a**, I guess I have to go now." Lol, and then we were on our way.

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Monday, 3 January 2005 - 8:52 PM EST

Name: Ty*

As I look West along the Throughway towards Beefalo, I see a light on the horizon.....Oh, its Andrea. You are utterly glowing! I am so glad you had some fun; you surely deserve it. I hope you will have much more joy in the New Year!


Monday, 3 January 2005 - 11:23 PM EST

Name: Andrea

Thanx Ty* :-P

I definitely had a lot of fun that night and it just felt so good to talk with people that accepted me for the woman I am without question. It was a complete confidence booster. Unfortunately, a lot of times when I go out, I get no feed back (positive or negative) from people who don't know me so it's often hard to assess how I'm doing. The 26th was a good step in the right direction. Hoping to continue down that path.


Tuesday, 4 January 2005 - 12:33 AM EST

Name: Jayne again

Was it "suddenly" 2am or can you just not remember what happened between 12:30 or so and 2?

Just giving you a hard time. Miss ya' babe, thanks for coming out to see me. Have you made your appointments yet(see now I'm bothering you in public)?


PS I actually felt a little weird in the goth club since I was more punked out than gothy, but at least I didn't glow (which I think was really funny since Andrea was trying to be all shy and not attract attention and then she walks into the club and glows!).

Thursday, 6 January 2005 - 9:33 PM EST

Name: Tyler

I just wanted to thank everyone whom I have met and chatted with at this site over the past year. I have always come here hoping to share in some cordial conversations. I sometimes felt like a guest, but now and then I have felt a hint of real friendship. Thank you for the kindness that has been directed towards me from this site and I hope you all will continue to build an alliance so that goodness will flourish on this Earth.

Good-bye and Good Luck.


Monday, 14 March 2005 - 4:20 AM EST

Name: Jonathan

Well, it was a slightly weird crowd that night - the old-line goth scene normally has a lot of crossover with punk, though less so at Wreck Room now that we're stuck at the Church. If someone had looked weird at you for dressing punk they didn't belong. Too bad some of the cyber-goth girls weren't there in electroluminescent cable and banks of LEDs or the guys in white fencers shirts (I wince at the memory of casting shadows), then she wouldn't have had to much to worry about on the glowing front... BTW, if anyone ever gives you trouble please mention it to one of the bartenders, Haley (the woman taking cover) or one of the guys on the door - the staff are great people and they've don't take kindly to harassment of any kind.


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