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Monday, 2 August 2004
Braving The Village
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: The Village
This morning I had to see a patient who was overtly psychotic with paranoid delusions. I went in with another student (male) to see this middle-aged man because it's safer to see psychotic patients with backup. We get into the room and introduce ourselves and he gives me a really strange look and says, "Well you come in here looking all pretty and then you opened your mouth. I didn't expect that to come out." I was a bit confused so I asked him what he meant to which he replied, "Have you ever heard of these new things called sex changes? You didn't have one of those did you?" OMG. Now of course I still go to school as a guy (sadly) and no one at school has been informed of my impending cross-over so the other student I was with didn't really think much of it. I'm sure however, I turned a dark shade of red. The patient went on to explain all the intricacies of sex changes with a great deal mumber of his own oddities thrown in for good measure. I politely decided not to point out all his inaccurate information and our interview continued without problems after that. When we left the room, I had a good laugh about it with the other student but on the inside I was wondering if he'll be laughing when he finds out that that operation is in my future. Fun stuff.

In the evening T* and I were chatting about our trip to the drive-in and about getting me back out in "girl mode" soon. It turns out I needed to return a shirt (juniors of course, not mens) I purchased during our shopping excursion over the past weekend so we got this crazy idea that we should do it that night and I should go in "girl mode" (blah, there's that word again, hate it). To keep the trip back to the mall from being a waste we looked up showtimes for the movie theater there and decided we'd stop and see The Village too while we were at it. Again, like last Friday, I was petrified during the car ride, but when we got there T* just hopped out of the car and said, "Don't think about it, just get out of the car" and walked off toward the mall entrance. Haha, she knows me too well. So I did the only thing I could do, jumped out and hurried to catch up with her. Amazing how she understands when I need to be pushed and does it without needing to be told to. You'd think she's lived with someone in transition before, lol.

Things went off without a hitch in the mall. I tended not to make eye contact with anyone but there were no whispered words and T* said no one gave us a second look. We wandered through the store and exchanged the shirt I had purchased without any issues. I was completely scared the whole time but no problems. Even the lady at the register gave me no more than a quick glance. So far so good.

Afterwards we wandered down to the theater, waited in line with way more people than I had expected for a Monday night and bought our tickets without any issues. The theater wasn't too full but I didn't bother looking around much even though by that time I had settled down for the most part. The Village was an odd movie. Definitely creeped me out during a few scenes though. When things finished up, we waited for most of the room to clear and then made our way out. Unfortunately though, because it was in a mall, the exit was back out the way we came through the lobby which was packed with people at this point (don't ask me why, maybe several movies got out at once). We made it out unscathed and T* said no one gave us odd looks. Hopefully next time I'll have a bit more confidence so I can keep my eyes up and decide about that for myself.


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Friday, 30 July 2004
Fun At The Drive-In
Mood:  silly
Now Playing: Spider Man 2 with I, Robot
Like I've been saying all along, by late summer this year I really shouldn't have any excuses for not going out in "girl mode" (hate that term but use it for simplicity). End of July seemed like late summer so T* and I decided to start out easy by going to the drive-in. What better way to get out in your correct gender than the drive-in? You're around a lot of other people but there's a barrier between you and them. Plus, it gets dark out pretty fast and you never have to leave your car if you don't want to. It made it the perfect first place to get rid of some of the jitters.

To be honest, I've been out in the past in "girl mode" but hadn't in a while and somehow this time it felt much more important. In the past I had lots of reasons to fail (though I could never really tell whether I was passing or not), but now I didn't have those excuses to fall back on. Failing this time (i.e. by getting "clocked") would be very damaging. Afterall, if 16 months of estrogen, 4 laser treatments and dropping close to 50 pounds couldn't keep me from getting "read" there probably wasn't much else that would. Sink or swim time.

So because failure this time would be so much worse than failure in the past, I was pretty much terrified when T* and I hopped in the car and headed off. We brought food with us so we wouldn't have to go inside and I was careful to remember not to drink much so I could avoid needing a bathroom break. We got through the ticket booth without trouble and found a good spot to park. It took a little while but I finally settled down. There was a guy and his wife to our left sitting in their lawnchairs with friends of theirs parked on the other side of them next to their station wagon (why do people do this at the drive-in?) and people in an SUV to our left, but none of them gave us more than a cursory glance or two.

About halfway through the first movie, T* pulled a blanket out and we both climbed underneath it. We weren't doing anything bad but we were close together I guess. A few minutes later I happened to glance over to our left and I saw the guy next to his wagon staring at us. He didn't stop when I looked at him either. So that made me a little paranoid, but I managed to look back at the screen. Every couple seconds I looked back over his way and every time he was staring at us openly. It wasn't yet completely dark yet so it wasn't hard to see what was going on. So by now I was worrying and I mentioned it to T*. She told me not to be silly and that I looked fine and not to worry, but it kept bothering me.

At the end of the first movie I looked over and now the guy and another guy (from the car on the other side of him) were looking our way. I wanted to sink down into the seat and disappear when I heard one of them (our windows were cracked a little to get fresh air in) say, "lesbians". LOL! Thanks guys. Scared the cr*p out of me for an entire movie, but omg that felt good to hear.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully. I consider it a good start.


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Friday, 16 July 2004
Worst Day Ever
Mood:  d'oh
Today was a very long day...

I was going to the DMV this morning because I wanted to get a new license with my new address on it and also because I wanted to change the old picture I had. The photo is from when I was 16, very short hair, wearing a baseball cap (which I get yelled at all the time when I have to show my license to the police) and generally just not very good. So, I decided since I'm going to Boston in a little while to catch up with some women I know and since we'll prolly being going out to the bars/clubs at night I should probably have a license that at least looks a little bit like me. It would suck to get turned away from a bar when you're using a legit license to get in. Right, so I printed out online and filled out the "I lost my license" form from the DMV so I wouldn't have to turn in my old license when I got my new one, but there's one problem with that. If you do infact lose your license, you have to be able to prove who you are to get a new one. It's a pain too, you need to bring lots of stuff with you. Now things get complicated...

After my planned stop at the DMV, I was going to swing by my old apartment to pick up some more of my stuff (that's right, I still haven't finished moving out yet). So I swapped cars with T* for the day because 4 doors are better than 2 for moving. This is where the problems started. It seems I forgot that my registration was still in my car (vehicle registration is one of the forms of ID you can use if you lose your license) and my car was now and hours drive away from me in the wrong direction. So I thought ok, no big deal, I'll go to my old apartment first and pick up my expired passport since that would also work as one of my forms of ID. With this in mind, I drove across town to my old apartment (about 30 minutes away from my new one) only to realize as I was pulling into the driveway that the key for that apartment was on my keychain which T* had along with my car.

Luckily, one of my old roommates was home so I could get in, but my room was still locked. It took about 30 minutes and an armload of tools but I was finally able to pop the lock without breaking the door and get into my room. So I dig around and find my passport only to read that it expired in January of 2002. Was this a problem? Of course it was. According to DMV rules, an expired passport can only be used as identification if has expired in the last 2 years. Today being July of 2004 means it wasn't. So, I took my passport and whatever else I could find for ID and decided to go see what the DMV could do for me.

It gets so much worse...

So I hopped in T*s car and headed back to the DMV. Turns out, the summer flu or something was going around the DMV office and half the employees were out or on vacation so I spent a nice long time in line (as if DMV lines are fast anyways). So finally I get up to the info desk and explain my situation, they take my picture (horrible picture by the way, totally scary) and I go over to cash out. Wait in line another hour, get to the desk and the women waiting on me says, "Your passport is too old." I must have given her an awful look because she looked at it again and said, "Well, I guess it's not that old," and let me go. My one spot of luck in an otherwise dismal day.

So now I was running a bit later than I wanted to and had to get to my laser appointment in Canada by 2 pm. Now normally, it's an hour and a half drive when I get thru customs without trouble and I wasn't giving myself much leeway by the time I left to get there on time. Headed down the highway for the border, get to Grand Island and get stuck in traffic. Sit in traffic there without moving for 50 minutes. It turns out, a truck flipped on the Queenston-Lewiston bridge blocking both lanes. So now I'm running way behind. Finally get to Canada (amazingly without getting hasseled at the border) and speed off down the QEW for my 4th laser treatment. Somehow I didn't get pulled over by the mounties but I was doing 90 (mph not kph) most of the way.

So I get to *name edited for privacy* about 2:03 thinking I'd be almost on time however... somehow I managed to take the exit before the one I was supposed to (probably because at this point I was a mess) and ended up getting lost in downtown *name edited for privacy*. During this time I very nearly rear ended not one but two different cars (neither my fault) and continued driving around with no map and nothing looking even vaguely familiar. At this point it's 2:30 and I'm balling my eyes out trying to drive, thank you estrogen. Finally I see a sign for something familiar and end up showing up for my appointment 45 minutes late.

Thank God my laser tech loves me (must be because I tip well) so she didn't complain too much that I was late and hurried me through. Of course because I was so flustered earlier, I forgot to take meds before I went so laser was a fun, teeth grinding experience.

So I finish up with laser and leave the office a little relieved that I've finished all my appointments for the day and can get home. I stop for gas because I was too busy earlier to get any and after I've finished pumping ($25.00) and paying with two $20s I realize I'm in Canada and will be getting their funny money back instead of American (at a very bad exchange rate I might add). But whatever, that's ok, I'm on my way home. Of course as I'm merging back onto the highway I manage to hit and kill this poor innocent little bird. Turn on the tears again.

It gets worse...

Finally, I get back on the QEW and head back for the states. I get within 5 miles of the U.S./Canadian border, I can see the guard shacks and the customs buildings, and I get stuck in traffic again. I manage to sit in traffic in sight of the border for an hour and 45 minutes. It turns out an 18 wheeler spilled gas all over the highway and then caught fire. Black smoke everywhere. I have pictures on my camera phone that I should post here. Sit there and sit there and sit there. No where to go. Cars behind me, cars in front of me, concrete barriers to either side. Eventually the police and rescue workers turn all of us around and send us back the way we came. It's interesting driving the wrong way down a highway. Not sure why but it is. So I drive all over who knows where and finally they sneak us through a construction site to send us back through customs the way we were headed in the first place.

You'd think things would finally get a little better...

I get to the customs booth and the guy is being nice. Asks me the normal questions, etc. I think he's going to give me my license back and send me on my way when he comes out of the booth and says, "Ok, put it in park and open the trunk." Of course I'm still in T*s car and I have no idea where the trunk lever is because I never drive her car. So I'm looking all over the passenger compartment and now the border gaurd is getting pissed. He starts asking me all these crazy f*cking questions and wouldn't you know it, I start crying again for the third time in the same day. Finally, I yank the keys out of the ignition and toss them out the window at him and tell him to open the trunk with the key which he does. He then proceeds to rummage through nothing (there wasn't anything in the trunk, not even a spare tire) for what felt like 10 minutes. I have no idea what he was doing and at that point I really didn't care. Eventually he comes back to my window, tosses my keys in my lap and says, "Get going." B*stard. I then stall T*s car not once but twice (it's standard) because I wanted to get out of there so badly.

All in all, a wonderful day.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2004
Still here...
Mood:  silly
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Contrary to popular belief, I didn't abandon my webpage :-P Things have kept me busy, but now that my test is out of the way I should have some more time for updates. Hope so anyways.

My exam was last Friday and wow was it ever evil. Now I know why a large number of people who take it come out thinking they failed it. Fun stuff. I really have no idea how I did. I feel ok about it but I'm pretty sure I didn't ace it. Still have to wait 4-6 weeks to get my results. Plus, I start school again next Monday. So much for a summer break.

In other news...
About a week or so ago, I suddenly realized that I was sort of falling for someone. What makes a crush something more? Hm... Of course this has made my life very complicated at the moment, especially when one considers that I'm currently in a relationship. It's made me really step back and examine things a bit closer. I want to do the right thing for myself and everyone else involved. Plus, the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone. It's really difficult trying to understand yourself when you're transitioning. So many things are changing, it gets hard to keep up. Perhaps it makes it that much harder to nail down what one wants in his/her personal life. That would help explain a little bit of what I feel. It's almost like I don't completely know who I am yet because I'm not done becoming me. Meh, not even sure what I'm trying to say anymore. Suffice to say I've been a bit confused lately. I guess I'll be taking things a little bit at a time and figuring them out as I go.

Hi to anyone from GP who comes here. Have you figured it out yet? :-P

So now that my exam is out of the way, I should be getting back to updating regularly. Yell at me if I don't. In email news, I'm a month behind. Yeah, that far. I guess that's what happens when you try to answer everything you get. Doing my best to catch up now. Sorry if you had to wait this long. I'll get to yours soon.


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Friday, 25 June 2004
Careful What You Wish For...
Mood:  on fire
Right so I seemed to forget that being on hormone therapy can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. So my short stint outside on Wednesday ended up leaving me with a very nice burn. Bad enough to keep me awake most of the last two nights. Bad enough to make it painful to walk. I guess that's what happens when you over-cook 40% of your body. So no I haven't been back out to finish my tan yet.

I've decided I'll be telling my dad about my transition near the beginning of August. That should give him time to get settled after the loss of his mother and still give me enough time to do what I need to do before going fulltime. I'd give him more space if I could but I'm not sure I have more time than that. I still need to come out to my mom, most of my friends, school, etc. and I don't want to have to do it all in the same week. The possibility of all that rejection at once would prolly be a little much to bear. Hence my plan to spread it out.

At this point I've just about reached my limit with studying. Good thing my exam is only 2 weeks away. Not sure I could take much more. So for better or worse, I'll be a lot less stressed soon. Perhaps that will translate into more updates here. I guess we'll have to see how busy this next school year gets.

Thanx to everyone who's sent me email. I'm in the process of replying, honest.


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Wednesday, 23 June 2004
Sun Worshipping
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I spent this morning working on a tan. I know all the dangers of sun exposure so you can spare me the lecture. Since I've spent the last two years couped up inside and white as a sheet I thought I could handle a few hours in the sun this summer. There's a beautiful hill on campus here that overlooks the lake and it's pretty quiet so that's where I decided to put down my blanket and get comfy. I studied for most of the morning uneventfully. Occasionally people would pass on the bike path nearby but without incidence.

Well, around noon a guy and girl were riding by on their bikes and the guy kept standing up on the pedals and looking over in my direction. Then he dropped a little behind his female companion and kept looking my way. Finally the girl he was with looked back at him and shook her head and they both disappeared. I'm going to hope that he was checking me out the same way he would any other girl sunbathing. I was only wearing a tight little pair of shorts and had my hair pulled up into a high pony tail with a pair of sunglasses resting on my head so I was definitely presenting a female image.

Then around 1:00 one of the guys cutting grass decided to come over and cut the little patch between me and the lake. Again, I caught him glancing up every once in a while, lol. That was enough encroachment for me so I packed up and took off. I'll have to head back tomorrow or Friday and finish tanning on my front side. Are guys always like that or did I somehow inadvertently send confusing signals with my image? Hm... I suppose it doesn't really matter. I was just there to tan, nothing else so as long as I can finish up without incidence I could care less.

In other news, it looks like I'm going to be meeting up with a bunch of trans women I know from the internet soon. Should be a great experience having never met another trans male or female in person yet. Isn't that sad? Studying goes much the same. Promise to update again soon.

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Saturday, 19 June 2004
A Long Week
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I guess I'll start with what was good about this week...

On Tuesday my sister got married. The wedding was outside and they found a beatiful location right near the river. The proceedings took place in the evening and since it wasn't extremely far from home (she had planned to get married in the Florida Keys originally), T* and I drove down to be there. Although the ceremony wasn't traditional (my sister has her own way of doing things, love her for it) it was really cute and exactly what her and her now husband wanted. I have another brother, hee hee. Both my mom and dad showed up which could have been a bit strained (they're divorced and not on the best of terms) but wasn't. I even managed not to cry which is pretty good I think considering all the estrogen I'm on. The reception afterwards was really nice too and the food was oh so good meaning it was oh so bad for my diet, lol. T* and I sat with my dad and the groom's parents which was nice. The rest of the night was fun but uneventful for the most part. Dancing, food, alcohol in large quantities, all the important things for a good wedding. The only glitch in the evening came when my dad noticed I'd had my ears pierced. Whoops. T* and I played it off like they'd been pierced for a long time and it was no big deal. I think it worked. I'm worried that he's starting to wonder about me though, building up some unanswered questions. I guess it won't matter soon. I can't wait just to have everything out in the open for better or worse. Sick of hiding. Though my sister and her new husband were super busy with everything they found a few minutes to chat with T* and I near the end of the night. I'm so happy for them. So while we were standing there talking away from the rest of the attendees my new brother-in-law (who's in the know about my transition along with my sister) said to me, "You know I've never had a sister before." At first it didn't really register to me what he was saying and then I put two and two together, he was talking about me. I almost cried for the second time that night. So sweet.

And now the rest...

On Tuesday morning my gram passed away. I got a phone call from my dad and knew what was coming before he said it. Though it was expected, it was still really difficult to take. She was my last surviving grandparent, I have no more. When I saw my dad at my sister's wedding he said he'd catch up with me about the funeral and church services. It must have been so difficult to have his mother die and to give away his youngest child on the same day but he was really strong through it all. I got a call Thursday night from my sister telling me that the funeral and church service were going to be Friday morning, but that she had no idea where or at what time. Later, around 11:00 pm, my brother called and filled me in. Although my gram had 7 children, my aunts and uncle generally defer things to my dad. He just does a good job taking charge of situations among his siblings. Turns out he was so busy with all the arangements for the funeral it slipped his mind that he was suppose to call me and let me know what was happening. Thank God my brother and sister kept up with me.

Since T* is home visiting her family I was on my own heading out to the funeral in the morning. Of course because I had someplace I absolutely had to be, something would have to come up and make things difficult. I ended up getting stuck in a fun traffic jam about 30 minutes from the funeral home. Sat there for 45 minutes before we finally started to creep ahead. I was going to post a picture of the accident (took some with my new camera phone, it was scary bad) here but decided not to in deference for anyone who might have been injured or worse. So I was going much too fast the rest of the way and ended up arriving only a few minutes late. Viewing hours were in the morning and my brother (who I haven't seen much of in a long time) was waiting for me outside. We stood outside for a few minutes and talked about gram, about the family and about life in general. I hadn't expected it (sometimes my brother can be very close about what he's thinking but this time he was very open) and it had a calming effect on me which I definitely needed. About 40 relatives showed up for viewing hours and it was nice to see so many family members I hadn't seen in a while though the circumstances could have been better. We spent the morning there with her talking quietly and exchanging stories, remembering her life. Afterwards, the burial was first followed by the church services. This allows the family to grieve first and then go on and celebrate the life of the person who's passed away.

It was a cloudy day but as we pulled up to the cemetary the sun broke through. We had several police cars and motorcycles escorting us as my grandfather had been high up in an office of public service and the city sent them out of respect for him and my gram though he passed away a decade ago. There were a lot of tears but I managed to keep mine inside somehow. The burial was fairly short. We said our goodbyes and moved on to the church where we attended services with her congregation. Her pastor read one of her favorite poems and I'll share it with you here. He told us to think of my gram as the ship...

Gone From My Sight
Henry Van Dyke

I am standing upon the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white
Sails to the morning breeze and starts
For the blue ocean.

She is an object of beauty and strength.
I stand and watch her until at length
She hangs like a speck of white cloud
Just where the sea and sky come
To mingle with each other.

Then, someone at my side says;
"There, she is gone!"

"Gone where?"
Gone from my sight. That is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull
And spar as she was when she left my side
And she is just as able to bear her
Load of living freight to her destined port.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her.

And just at the moment when someone
At my side says, "There, she is gone!"
There are other eyes watching her coming,
And other voices ready to take up the glad shout;
"Here she comes!"

I cried then, just a little but I couldn't help it. I'm crying now again typing these words...

We spent some time sharing memories and moments with her congregation, sang some hymns and then the service was over. I said my goodbyes to the rest of my family. Still so many things at home I had to attend to so I had to take my leave. I got in my car and got out on the highway and then the tears really came. I pulled over for a short time and cried by myself wishing T* was there with me to make it better but I was alone.

After a few minutes I got things under control and continued home. Such a difficult day.

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Monday, 14 June 2004
When Is The Right Time?
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Well I meant to get back here sooner, but as always things come up. I got a call middle of last week from my dad because my grandmother has taken a turn for the worse. T* and I have spent the last couple of days visiting her and supporting my fam. Unfortunately at this point she doesn't recognize people well and can't talk much but she called T* and I by name when we went to see her and she seems at peace. I've been trying to stay strong for my dad and the aunts and uncles, but I'm pretty sure it's all going to catch up to me soon. If you believe in God, do me a favor and say a prayer for her.

I'm also trying to figure out exactly what I should do. I had wanted to tell my dad about my transition a while back but I didn't want to bother him with it too soon after he got the news that his mother had terminal cancer. So I waited. Then I wanted to tell him again, but thought it would be easier to wait until after he had helped me move to my new house just so he wouldn't feel awkward giving me a hand if things bothered him. He ended up calling me a few days before my move and telling me that my gram was getting worse and that he couldn't leave her alone during the day long enough to come help me out. So I waited. And now, she's very ill and could pass any day and I realize I certainly can't bring this up with him now. Further, I don't want to dump it in his lap a week after she's passed away. So I'm still waiting. Any suggestions?

PS: I'm planning on adding some more photos this week. Maybe Wednesday just so you can all keep up with my progress.

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Updated: Monday, 14 June 2004 4:15 PM EDT
Monday, 7 June 2004
Broadcasting From Downtown
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Finally, most of my stuff has made the pilgrimage from my old apartment to the new one. It's been a parade of boxes for the last week as I've been trying to stick to my studying schedule while pretending to move at the same time. Very busy. So now that I actually have a desk and my computer at my new apartment and our cable and internet have been connected, you should expect to hear from me at least once a week, hopefully a bit more often.

Our apartment is really great. It's quiet and secluded and no one bothers us. It's spacious and was rennovated fairly recently. I can't complain. Plus, T* lives with me now. :-D Can't get much better than that.

My birthday was last week in the midst of our move. I don't like to make a big deal about my birthday. It's just another day to me so if everyone were to forget it I certainly wouldn't remind them and wouldn't complain, but I got calls from all the fam. It was actually very nice really. T* got me a whole bunch of girly stuff including a razor (venus something I think) and some shaving gel which had me a bit puzzled. "You need to stop shaving your legs with that boy's razor, you'll get a much closer shave this way." Silly me, thinking all razors were created equally. So even though I was having a very nice birthday, at some point estrogen had to take over and prove who's in charge. Having just moved I'm still getting used to the strange parking schedules on our street and failed to move my car in time so when T* came back with the mail she brought a parking ticket for me. That turned on the tears before I even realized it. I started laughing with tears still running down my face and apologized to T* for how silly I was being. Sometimes there's nothing I can do. Estrogen is a powerful drug.

This last week has been really great. No roommates bothering us, no annoying neighbors, no distractions, no classes. I study all morning and afternoon and spend my evenings with T* when she gets home. Perfect if you ask me. We've watched a lot more tv recently than we used to (maybe because we were deprived during our move) and somehow we ended up watching Maid in Manhattan last night. About halfway through the movie (which by the way was better than I expected) T* started laughing and said, "You're so cute, you really love chick flicks." I started to deny it and then realized she was right so instead I started turning red in the face. LOL Not sure how that one happened. Did I like them before and just pretend I didn't or is this some new manifestation of my transition? Another mystery of being trans :-P

Still so much studying to do. 1000s of pages to review so I suppose I should end this here. I'll update more frequently now that the largest part of our move is behind us. I'll catch up to my email tomorrow (time permitting). Thanks to everyone who stops by and takes an interest in what I'm doing or sends me an email with encouraging words. You've made all the effort I've put into this website worthwhile.


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Thursday, 27 May 2004
Avoiding Books for a Moment
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Yeah, I admit. I'm a total liar. At least I got to my email when I said I would. T*'s been home visiting her parents now that she's done with classes this week and I've been trying to study and running all over to get things ready for our move. Not conducive to updates.

I had more laser work done last Friday, 3rd session. I took some more ibuprofen this time before we got there and I think it helped a bit. Less pain than last time but still eye-watering. Since the laser tech was using a higher setting, I ended up getting a lot more swelling than the first two times. Click here for a complete recap. We had no trouble getting into Canada this time (although they asked an awful lot of questions at the border) and no waiting in line in the customs office. The real fun was coming back to the States. Apparently the U.S. border patrol was striking or protesting or demonstrating or something and traffic was backed up for miles. What fun, thank God for a/c. Since it was on Friday and Canadians had Monday off (for Queen Victoria or something I think) there was even more of a jam than usual. So at some point and still not sure how it happened, we found ourselves sitting behind an RV that had decided to give out about 1000 feet from the border. By that time we were packed into lines of cars about 8 abreast with no wiggle room. I pulled a bit to the side and edged slightly out into the lane next to us waiting for someone to let us jump in. Well, I guess the scarey old lady from Colorado in the next lane decided she didn't want us in front of her. Instead of just moving over a bit and going around us, she decided to cut in in front of us as close to the RV as she could. I'm sure by now my description has you totally confused. Anyways, I have no idea what was up with her but finally T* was like "She's totally going to hit you" as she slid in in front of us. If our mirrors were at the same height I would have lost mine. She was probably an inch and a half from the front end of my car when she cut in front of us. T* wanted to get out and go yell at her while she was stuck in line (I guess that's what feisty red heads do, lol :-P) but cooler heads prevailed. Scarey though. I'm going to miss all the fun we have crossing the border when my laser work is done.

Occasionally when I get tired of being pre-judged as a transsexual by 95% of the world I get on yahoo under a different screen name with no links to my website and no metion of my condition just so I can avoid it all for a little while and chat as me. Last night around 1:00 a.m. was one of those times. I ended up chatting with someone from a "Please no guys" chatroom which we all know really means "Guys who will pretend to be female to enjoy whatever sick fantasy they have" chatroom, lol but I try not to judge. I don't really care anyways as long as the conversation is clean and mildly interesting. So finally I had to ask if he/she was female or not. Response: "Well sort of but then again maybe not, are you opened minded?" Turns out I was chatting with a FTM. What are the odds? Random. I had been chatting on cam with him the whole time and started laughing which in hindsight prolly wasn't the best thing to do. So he asked why it was funny leading to the revelation that I was MTF. He was quiet for a second and then started laughing too and turned on his cam. Stunning. Though I've never met a FTM transsexual in person I'm always blown away by the results and his were really good. It took a little convincing to make him believe I was trans too which was fun :-) We talked for entirely too long into the early morning about all kinds of stuff. Definitely worth it. It was the first chance I've had to talk with someone headed in the opposite direction I am and he was sweet, cute and very gentlemanly :-)

So I tumbled into bed early this morning and slept in much too late which is why I have to run now. I'll update again when I get a few minutes, prolly after T* and I have moved.

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Updated: Thursday, 27 May 2004 1:48 PM EDT

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