Common questions you should be prepared to answer when coming out about being transsexual:

1. What does Gender Identity Disorder mean, exactly?

2. How long have you felt this way?

3. Have you seen someone professionally about this?

4. What are the treatments, how do you cure it?

5. Are you going to have surgery?

6. What will taking hormones change?

7. Will you have to take hormones for life now?

8. Will treatment make your life better?

9. How long will it be until the entire process will be complete?

10. Has this caused problems in your past social/personal/love life?

11. What about dating and stuff, what's your orientation and has this affected it?

12. Do you go out in public dressed as a woman?

13. What do people call you now?

14. Will you be changing your legal name?

And many more to come...


Average Measurements of Men Versus Women

A comprehensive look at the variations between male and female anatomy and their relative measurement averages across the population.

Tanner Stages of Breast Development

A discussion of the 5 stages of breast development and how they relate to transsexuals.

Fitzpatrick Skin Classification

Thinking about having laser work done? This is the Fitzpatrick skin classification sheet used by many laser centers to determine how well patients will respond to treatment.

Voice Discussion: Coming Soon...

Want to pass flawlessly? Without a decent (read: passable) female voice, it is nearly impossible to interact with others without being "clocked".

Hair Discussion: Coming Soon...

Curious about laser? Want to know what it does and what lasers are FDA approved for legitimate hair reduction? Growing your hair out for a particular style and want to know how long it will take? Which hair growth is reduced by HRT and which isn't? Read on.

Dieting: Coming Soon...

A quick rundown of the basic facts of dieting and how to reach the weight you want. Plus BMI info, links to calorie counters and total calories burned via different workouts.

Windows Tool for Speech Analysis

Free software provided by a generous gentleman from the University College London. Provides spectrograms and a fundamental frequency track.

Transition Body Measurement and Medication Logging

While undergoing a regimen of hormonal feminization, keeping a diary or log of physical progress and medication/hormone usage can be helpful in making the most of your physical transition.

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