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This is just a quick description of the Tanner method for staging breast development. Hopefully this will give some of you girls out there a better idea about what you should expect from hormones.

Stage 1: This stage consists of a small elevated nipple with no underlying breast tissue. Before starting hormones this would be the likely stage of all transsexuals

Stage 2: During this stage, the so called "breast bud" forms. There is elevation of the breast and nipple as a small mound and the areola begins to enlarge. Many transsexuals will reach this stage in 6 months to a year of treatment with a proper hormone regimen. For those who start hormones at a younger age, this stage may be obtained more quickly.

Stage 3: In this stage there is further enlargement and elevation of the breast and areola. However, the areola and breast contours have not yet seperated. Also, the areola may begin to darken in color at this point. For many women who transition late in life, this may be the last stage obtainable without surgical intervention.

Stage 4: At this stage, the areola and nipple now project from the rest of the breast contour to form a second mound. This stage of development generally is more difficult to reach for the late transitioner but may be the likely outcome for those who transition in their twenties or younger.

Stage 5: In the final stage of development, the areola contour once again becomes indistinguishable from the contour of the breast as a whole. The only portion that remains above this contour is the nipple itself. Most transsexual women will not reach this stage of development including those who start hormones at a young age. In general, this stage of development may take 2 to 3 years or more to reach if continued breast growth occurs.

This information may or may not pertain to you as an individual, and it's important to remember that development may occur at vastly different rates for different people. Hopefully this helps to give you some idea where you're going if you've recently started hormone therapy. The above information should not be construed in anyway to be medical advice from a professional. Please do not regard it as such

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